As someone who trades stocks, you know you have to respond quickly to market moving events. Market indicators are only one critical area you need to monitor to keep on top of trading. There are also global news events, terrorism, and critical changes to monetary policy.

Any one event can mean the difference between profit and loss. And any one can significantly move the market in a moment’s notice. With all that information comes the overwhelm of having to analyze and process it.


New strategies to beat the market

The market has changed over time, and traditional trading mechanisms and methodologies do not work anymore. It’s hard to stay ahead when dealing with factors like government regulations, monetary policies, and market manipulation.

However, change in the financial markets present opportunities to make money. Those who evolve and use new trading strategies place themselves well ahead of the crowd.

That’s where our service, AugurWorks, comes in. We’ve spent five years developing a deep understanding of artificial intelligence algorithms, data indicators, and automation. Now we’ve created a platform that consistently predicts market changes. With those predictions comes new opportunities to make profitable trades.

AugurWorks can provide you with insight into market direction and minimize your risk. The service is simple to use, highly accurate and data-driven.


Predictive AI for all types of traders

AugurWorks is a scalable, predictive platform using artificial intelligence trading algorithms. The platform provides traders with intraday predictions designed to respond to events that move markets. You can use the predictions to make your own trades, or combine with other trading strategies.

Our platform processes the complicated algorithms and analyzes data. However, the service is easy to use. Our subscribers select one or more markets for messages. The messages come via text on your phone or accessed through our API. Throughout the day, we provide buy, sell or hold messages for trades, which are based on our high-performance algorithms.

For example, if you are trading S&P futures, our platform is predicting the index’s move ahead of the overall market. If the platform predicts a drop in price based on all the data it is analyzing, for example, you’ll get a message alerting you to the predicted move.


How AugurWorks is different

Other platforms that provide predictive information often rely on singling out individual stocks. They look for stocks showing potential range and volume. In reality, they have no idea what will happen with the stock during a trading day. They’ll promise you specific stocks will “take off,” or they’ll scan social media to see what people are posting. However, scanning stocks is a time-consuming task and doesn’t take into effect all the information that can move the market.

AugurWorks works differently. Our service focuses mainly on indexes. Indexes rarely swing wildly and are not as easily manipulated as individual stocks. Indexes also present hedging opportunities due to highly-liquid index options. Our high-performance algorithms take into the account market moving events. This happens regardless of how the market is changing. This includes news events that will have a big impact on the market. Our platform provides prediction models continuously throughout the day for multiple trading markets.


Help for any trader

AugurWorks wasn’t developed overnight. It took five years to create a platform that was powerful enough to repeatedly and accurately beat the markets. Now, though, a solution exists to get solid predictions on market performance. It can help any trader maximize their portfolio: day traders, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, professional traders and hobby traders.

If you’d like more information on how AugurWorks can help you minimize risk and provide more insight into the market.